Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Everyone knows what a croissant is. However, you haven’t really tried a croissant until you have had one in France. After all, it was invented in Europe and believe me they are different than anything you have ever tasted at home. They are much lighter and fluffier. It feels as though a
buttery cloud is finding its way through your mouth. Frankly, they are a piece of Heaven.

Keep in mind that while all croissants are made with butter, if the sign says “croissant beure” the beure simply means butter—that is, even more butter to sink your taste buds into. And believe me, that is the one you will want. I mean, the more buttery the better, right?

Now, after you have your mandatory croissant, you may want to venture out and get a croissant aux amande (or maybe even two). Why almonds end up adding so much more flavor is beyond me. Just to give you an idea, if the croissant is a piece of Heaven, then the croissant aux amande is a piece of heaven to the second or even the third power. It’s amazing!

In all honesty, I probably would have never purchased it myself had I noticed one at a local pattiserie (bakery). However, the French know what they are doing when it comes to buying the right tasty morsels. My friend, who is a local, picked up several for us and after trying one and savoring every bite I only wanted more...and more...and even more!

I learned that a croissant aux amande is made with the leftover croissants from the previous day. I wasn't sure I wanted to try it after hearing that, but thankfully, I put my skepticism on the shelf and took my first bite. Oh la la, fantastique! Filled with almond cream and topped with more almonds and powdered sugar, you can’t go wrong.

For an added tip, make sure to visit the pattiserie with the long line. The locals know where to go and a line means the food is good. Don’t worry, the line will go fast and your croissant will be worth the wait. Your sweet tooth will be glad you did.

Bon apetit!

Thank you for reading and bonne journée!