Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nespresso Anyone?

For all you coffee lovers, you will want to make certain to visit Nespresso. Starbucks and Pete's don't hold a candle to this upscale coffee shop. Actually, "coffee shop" isn't quite the right description. It's more like a coffee boutique. Two floors of elegantly displayed coffee machines,
sweets and the all important coffee are presented in espresso colored cabinetry in order to show off the beautiful packaging. With all the chic decor, Nespresso looks more like a Louis Vuitton or Valentino shop—haute couture for coffee aficionados.

Owned by the Nestle Company, Nespresso patented its coffee machine in the mid 70's. It was during the late 80's when the marketing efforts of Jean-Paul Gaillard, turned this well-known supermarket chocolate company into a grand expression of coffee coolness. Whether you wish to purchase the Nespresso Coffee System or simply want to take home a bag of beans, you can do it all here.

Keep in mind that buying coffee at this shop is like ordering wine from a vintner. Pick up a menu at one of the desks which describe in detail the parfum, taste and strength as well as what part of the world each style of bean comes from.

After ordering, get your taste buds ready. AA coffee was not quite palatable enough for Nespresso merchants so they introduced AAA sustainable quality beans to the world in 2003. Mmm, delicieux!  Their beans are not only of the best quality, this company focuses on the highest standards in farming practices in order to keep the environment safe—and keeping Mother Earth happy is a good thing too.

While you are sipping on your cafe au lait, you won't want to miss trying one of the delectable treats being passed on a silver tray by one of the servers. These succulent samples are a chocolate lover's version of Heaven—which, of course, are available for purchase, as well.

One thing that would be hard to miss is the fact that Nespresso seems to hire only beautiful people in its Paris location. I am not just talking about their physical forms either—which are all model perfect, by the way—but rather, each staff member also dresses for success. They may be wearing uniforms, but there certainly isn't a single person donning an apron, nor is there a bit of polyester anywhere in site. For their attire, the men wear the customary metro-sexual monochromatic black suit, tie and shirt while the women wear black slacks with taupe silk blouses. Only the best of everything will be tolerated here.

So, whether you are drinking your cup in the salon upstairs or buying something a emporter (to go), your taste buds will be thrilled with delight.

Visit their flagship store located at:
119 Avenue des Champs Elysées
or visit their site at Nespresso

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