Saturday, June 6, 2009

Square René le Gall

I often share with people how important it is to stop and smell the roses. Not just the roses, but all of nature sparks a sense of wonder within us. Furthermore, when I travel, I like slip into my adventurous side and just wander around in order to see what will find me. One day, while I was on
my way to buy some groceries, I decided to take my own advice and do just that. It was time to do some wandering. I had no idea where I was going, but looked forward to see what I might find. My inner wisdom told me to make a right turn and then another right, so I did. I didn't know what awaited me, but I knew it would be good...and I was right.

Tucked away in the 13th arrondissement on rue Berbier near rue Corvisant, I had just discovered a nearly hidden precious gem. Square René le Gall is by far and away the most beautiful park in Paris I have come across (as of this date anyway). This park is probably not listed in the guidebooks, but it is well worth a trip to this not so centrally located district.

Lush doesn't quite describe the amount of green I could see. A ubiquitous amount of leaves from the many trees and plants surrounded me. I have been working on manifesting my abundance when I realized abundance was truly already here. There were literally millions of leaves just on this small plot of land. It was hard to believe I was in one of the most metropolitan cities in the world. It was as though I left it for a moment and ran into the Garden of Eden.

Vibrant colors captured my attention as I followed the path which led to a flower garden made primarily from roses. Seductive scents from each variety wafted in the air. This was a bit of Heaven.

I continued on my journey to see a water garden filled with various water plants. The calming sound of the running stream with its small waterfall filled my ears with complete serenity. The songbirds chimed in with their lovely sounds as a raven flew above filled with mystery and magic.

At the other end of the square was a playground with a few children cavorting, finding great joy in their adventure.

It's days like today I am glad I took my own advice to simply wander around and see what I might find. I didn't have my map. I didn't know where I was and after I was done, the mystery street I had discovered landed me right in front of the grocery store where I intended to go all along. It was a perfect day.

Thank you for reading and bonne journée!