Friday, November 27, 2009


You haven't really visited Paris if you haven't taken a sojourn through its wonderful nooks and crannies. Rue de Rosiers is one of those spots. Embedded in the heart of the 4th arrondissement, or Le Marais, this little piece of Israel is a must see.

From the small shops where window's display Menorahs and various other forms of Judaica to men in yamakas or even the full traditional garb of the Hasidics, you will be surrounded by a big dose of Jewish spirituality.

And if religion isn't your thing, not to worry, there are plenty of delicious kosher restaurants here. Authentic delicatessens, not to mention the ubiquitous falafel joints which are practically screaming at you to eat there. And why not? They are worth the small price of a long wait and a low fee. Five to seven euors is a typical price for a falafel sandwich.

Just a note that some of these places have men outside taking your money in advance. No need to panic that it might be a scam. It's just how they do it here. You pay the guy, he hands you a ticket with your order and then you give it to the person in the window. Your meal will be made to order in just a few minutes.

The falafel places take fast-food dining to a whole new level. Who needs McDonald's when you can eat fresh veggies, sauteed eggplant and yummy falafel wrapped in a pita bread and made right in front of you! Your eyes and more importantly your stomach will surely be tantalized by all the goodies!

My personal favorite is Chez Hanna, a small hole in the wall near the end of the street. It's red exterior calls to pedestrians walking by. With it's painted declaration that it has "the best falafels in the world," they probably are not too far off from the truth.

Order at the window a emporter (to go) or get lucky enough to sit inside at one of the tables. For the best availability for a table, arrive promptly at noon during the week when the restaurant opens.

If you have a hankering for a bit of kosher food or need a dose of spirituality, you won't want to miss this charming street.

Thank you for reading and bonne journee!

Chez Hannah is located at 54 rue de Rosiers.