Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I am forever on a quest of finding the most perfectly flavored foods to eat. Mostly everyone I come in contact with is aware of this little fact. So, it would stand to reason that someone would eventually give away a locals' trade secret, by whispering into my ear that there is a boulangerie in the 7th arron-
dissement that is the best. So, being the food lover that I am, I felt it was my obligation to investigate the matter. I was informed that it was located on Rue Nicot, which would be an easy street to remember for Monsieur Nicot made the dubious discovery we now have a problem with around the world, called nicotine. 


While I didn't have the name of the bakery handy, it didn't really matter. That's because when I saw it, I knew I had arrived at the the appropriate place. It was the one with the long line filled with those who are native to this district. Surely they would know the best spots in town. While the people who live here may know where it is, I wanted to make certain to find out what this place was actually called so others who weren't familiar with the terrain could visit it too. The sign outside simply states La Boulangerie
though the website claims its name as La Boulangerie Julien. This bakery can’t be missed for its overhang announces itself to the street with large bold letters of a golden hue.

I decided to test drive a croissant beurre (butter croissant) and a scrumptious looking spinach quiche.  I had been craving spinach anyway and I was delighted that I didn’t have to prepare it myself.

I only had to take one bite into the flaky croissant to know I had indeed tasted the best of its kind that I had ever sampledand I have tried quite a few. I could hardly contain my glee as I walked along St. Dominique savoring every morsel as each bite blasted its glorious flavor in my mouth.  I frankly was only saddened after finishing my last nibble.  I wondered how my mouth would recuperate after not having something so wonderful to chew on anymore.

Alas, my sadness was alleviated for I still had my quiche! I seized a taste of the pastry only to experience pure culinary pleasure. Surely my eyes must have rolled back into my head as I sampled this egg and spinach tarte. Until that day, I thought I made the best quiche, but this nugget was more like a national treasure.

Their bag claims to have the best baguette in Paris and I tend to believe that it is true. I look forward to experiencing more treats from just another gem in the City of Light. This city is known for the boulangeries and after examining the evidence it is clear that this one is arguably one of its best.

Located at 85, rue St. Dominique at the end of rue Nicot or visit the other locations around town. For more information, please visit La Boulangerie Julien.

Thank you for reading and bonne journée!